Senior Living Quality of Life Program


The Tiffin House Assisted Living philosophy is to ensure a successful age in place environment for person’s with Alzheimer’s/Dementia related diagnosis that promotes independence in a safe & comfortable home setting. To achieve this goal, our leadership team works conjunctively with family and other health care practitioners to create individualized care plans that incorporate each resident’s personal history, ability level, likes, and dislikes.  Due to our high staff to patient ratio, our care team is able to effectively carry out these plans and provide each resident with the time and attention they deserve in order to flourish in their day to day lives. Senior Living Quality of Life is a top priority!

What We Offer

  • Registered Nurses On Site and a Highly Trained Staff, with Three Shifts Daily
  • Exceptional Resident-to-Staff Ratios
  • Security and Safety Inside the Home and a Large, Fenced Yard for Outdoor Activities
  • Home-Cooked Meals “Made from Scratch,” Including Meals to Accommodate Special Diets
  • Incredible Record of Compliance with State Rules and Regulations
  • Transportation Provided for Local Appointments
  • In-Depth Interview with the Family to Assess Each Individual Resident’s Likes, Dislikes and Needs
  • Resident’s Own Daily Routine Is Both Respected and Adhered To
  • Hospice Care
  • Complete Medical Records Kept
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Accepted
  • Tiffin House, LLC., Offers the Optimum in Individual Resident Care

Tiffin House Senior Living Quality of Life Program:

Senior Living Quality of LifeOur unique program has proven time and time again that many of these negative behaviors can be decreased and even prevented.  The key is consistency and a solid understanding of why problem behaviors occur and what everyone involved can do to make our residents as comfortable as possible.

We train our staff to assess the resident’s needs.  We meet physical needs, toilet every two hours, provide three meals with snacks always available, maintain accurate bowel records, keep room temperature set at a steady comfortable degree, offer sweaters.  Our staff provides therapeutic massages before sleep and as needed.  We constantly assess our residents to rule out possible infections, injuries, etc.   We work in close cooperation with visiting physicians, podiatrists, therapists, home health and hospice agencies to provide in-house services for our residents.

We allow residents to maintain certain independence in their routine:  go to bed when they want, wake up on their own.  Enjoy familiar preferences such as favorite foods or television programs, reading the newspaper, or their personal mail.

Our staff will monitor the environment, slide the door shut when doing laundry, turn the TV/radio down if it is too loud, anything to improve the resident’s living environment to make them feel more at ease.  We close blinds before it gets dark, turn back beds before residents go to bed, turn on soft lighting and create an atmosphere of love.Tiffin House resident waters flowers on the back porch

Our staff will offer familiar household chores: folding laundry, drying dishes, sweeping the floor.  The staff will build on resident’s strengths and encourage participation in arts/crafts, exercise class, and other structured activities.  Not to mention our fun trips to town for dinner and fun.

Our staff is highly trained in communicating effectively with Alzheimer’s/dementia residents:  to speak slowly, limit choices, allow time for residents to complete tasks, which is all possible because we have more direct staff then anyone and we provide more training.  Our staff will learn as much as possible about each resident, i.e.: background information, likes/ dislikes, etc.  We will be your extended family.  Ask any family at Tiffin House now or before and they will tell you there is no comparison.  Tiffin House is the best!