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In order to truly express how much we love our residents and their families we feel there is no better way then letting them tell you themselves.  So here are a few of the testimonials we have received from the families of our residents.  I hope these senior living testimonials touch your heart and encourage you to stop by Tiffin House Assisted Living and Memory Care to see what makes us the top care in Georgetown Texas.

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Senior Living Testimonial

My mom spent her last days at Tiffin House and the quality of care and attention she received was excellent. My mom spent her last days at Tiffin House and the quality of care and attention she received was excellent

From the moment she arrived, the staff worked to make her feel comfortable and at ease.   A few examples we experienced are:  giving us the ability to make it “her room” by bringing in items from her house, letting our dog visit her (he was always a calming influence for her), staff being at her eye level when communicating with her and “let’s get you out of that hospital gown and into something you look so pretty in” when she first arrived.

When restless, they noticed that music would calm her and so music was played and medical interventions were not needed.  This type of personal attention made our family rest easier every time we left.  Even after receiving “the call”, we were met at the door with a hug and those who’d worked with her made personal contact with each of the family that had spent time at Tiffin House.

Every person we met, no matter the time of day/evening went the extra mile and had time for us and my mom.  Our only regret is that Mom didn’t have a longer period of time with them.

The staff was professional, but so caring and compassionate to our whole family, during what was a difficult time for us.  Questions were answered thoroughly and everything was approached with a sensitivity and attitude of a loving family.  We highly recommend the Tiffin House and their staff to provide a quality of care we had only hoped for.

Our thanks to each person associated with this organization – Kudos for the loving family atmosphere that prevails.  We cannot thank you enough.

Blessings to you all-

Sande Powledge

Senior Living Community Testimonial
Assisted Living Thank You Letter Testimonial
Tiffin House Assisted Living Community Thank You Letter from Doctor Clark's Family
Tiffin House Assisted Living Thank You Letter Page 2

  • From: Karen Franks
    Justin and the staff at Tiffin House Assisted Living:  I want to tell you how very fortunate I feel that I discovered your marvelous care home. It is the perfect home for my Mother, Win. Not only because of the beautiful facility design which reflects much forethought of resident needs. But especially because of you, Justin, and your caring, cheerful, loving staff, Mary, Julie, Hortencia, Erin, Petrice, and Shannon to name just a few. Your aides work very hard to prepare good meals, keep the house spotless and the bedrooms clean and tidy. They do the laundry, provide the medication, and special meal needs and beverages. And keep residents clean, groomed and comfortable, and make them feel content and valued. This means so much to me, as a family member, and especially to my mother, whom you all help to feel her best each day.
    Your arrangement for the Doctor and his staff to come to Tiffin House Assisted Living to see the residents is so helpful to the residents, Justin, as well as the families. Mary and the nurses stay on top of all the medication and health needs, and Julie, Mary, and you communicate with the families about our loved one. You and your staff arrange for podiatry, medication delivery, and other care needs. You went to the hospital to be with my mother, talk to the ER doctor, and then brought her back to Tiffin House. The quality of daily care for your residents is very important to you, and you care that they have fun times as much as they are able. You provide outings, barbecues and family holiday gatherings, including food, Santa, and wonderful gifts. In so many special ways, you truly demonstrate your love and concern for your residents. You know the emotional toll having a family member with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias has on the families, and you are there to support us in every way you can. The Tiffin staff all gives loving care to the residents and therefore, peace of mind to the families. You truly help us get through this. Thank you. Thank you. And Thank you!!

  • From: Michael & Judy Haskin
    We would like to take the opportunity to thank all Tiffin House for the personalized care, respect, and love given to our Mother Lorena during her stay. She really loved all of you for the many ways you assisted her in her daily life at Tiffin House Assisted Living. We appreciate the special individual touches you made from keeping, her bundled up to stay warm, to trips out to eat, and the late night milkshakes.

  • From: Susan Bellard (wife of Texas A&M Football Coach, Emory Bellard)
    It is very difficult to completely express our love and appreciation for the Tiffin House Assisted Living and, for you, Justin. For Emory to spend the last 6 weeks of his life with all of you at the Tiffin House was the best thing that could have ever happened to him, and, to me. Emory felt he was at “home” and enjoyed everyone that resided there as well as all the staff. Your weekly “outings” for dinner with some of the residents was always a favorite for Emory. You treated Emory like a “king” – taking him for haircuts, spending time alone with him for conversation and just being there for him when he needed you. I knew he was in “good hands.” Thank you again for reading Emory “The Last Corps Trip”. His time spent with you was more than special and it will never be forgotten. Hugs to you and yours.

  • From:  Patricia Latham, Sun City, Texas
    Justin, Last April, after looking at many memory care facilities for my father, someone mentioned Tiffin House Assisted Living and Memory Care to me.  When I arrived to take a look, I discovered a beautiful country home surrounded by bluebonnets.  After touring the Tiffin House and meeting Justin and his staff I knew that this was the place I wanted my Dad to live.  With only ten residents, it provides a wonderful homelike atmosphere.  My Dad has been here for nine months now and I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Justin and his caring staff.  I feel at ease knowing that Dad is truly loved and cared for when our family can’t be with him.

  • From: Jill Bowen Lube
    Justin and the staff at Tiffin House Assisted Living, Please accept my apologizes for just now writing to say Thanks! for all that you did for my father, Richard.  I have been avoiding this due to missing him so much!  Tiffin House was perfect for him.  He settled right in due to the great care and attention you all gave him!  I only wish he could have moved in earlier to have enjoyed the wonderful environment.  Plus maybe he could have entertained you more with his dancing. It was a comfort to me to not have to worry about his care.  I needed that for my own sanity.May God bless you as much as you blessed my Father in his last year of his life.

  • From:  Darrylin and Stan Coleman, Sun City, Texas
    Of all the care facilities we visited, we were most impressed with Tiffin House Assisted Living. Located on a large, wooded lot in a quiet neighborhood, Tiffin House has a home-like atmosphere. The staff is skilled and caring, sensitive to the needs of family members as well as residents. The wonderful people at Tiffin House made a very difficult transition easier for us. We are, indeed, blessed to have found such an outstanding home to provide Stan’s care.

  • From:  Ruby Cook
    Justin, We appreciate your prayers and I thank God every day that we found your beautiful home for John.  It’s so good to lay down at night knowing he is being cared for so good.  We love all of you and you girls are wonderful.

  • From:  Family (Valerie) of Graham Holloway
    Dear Justin, Please forgive the lateness of this acknowledgment.  I have been planning to write you for a month.  Justin, I know I have said this to you, but I wanted to say it again. I am so grateful to you and your staff at Tiffin House Assisted Living and Memory Care for the care you provide. Not just for my Dad, but for our entire family.  I believe with my whole heart that God led me to make the decisions I made! And I will always remember how diligently and patiently you advocated for my Dad, and remained ever respectful of my Mother.  I wish you every success in your business and in your life. You can be sure I will recommend Tiffin House Assisted Living to others.  Give my best to your staff.  Warmest Regards.

  • From Win’s Daughter Karen:
    Thanks so much, Justin.
    This week Mom and I enjoyed a tasty meal from Wasabi in Georgetown. But I was feeling down because at each meal now, she is having to relearn how to feed herself. She was also just talking in numbers. Nancy was able to skillfully redirect her away from her numbers fixation, and then she took Mom and me for a ride through the neighborhood in Justin’s pretty red golf cart. Afterward, Nurse Mary consulted with me about Mom’s behavioral changes and about where I might get a better price for one of her meds. I don’t know what we’d do without Justin, Nancy, Hortencia, Petrice, Shannon, Mary, Julie…all of Justin’s wonderful staff. We are truly blessed.

  • From the Heckman Family: We moved Bob to Texas from Iowa 2 ½ years ago when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We searched all over for a place to care for him until finally finding the perfect home…Tiffin House. It was a home in a beautiful country setting with a loving family atmosphere.
    We believe with all our hearts Tiffin House Assisted Living stands out as a premier home for Memory Care of Alzheimer’s patients. Justin Trodahl is the owner of “Tiffin House” and he personally trains each of his staff to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Justin ensures each resident gets the loving care they need with a patient ratio of better than 3 to 1. This allows for the staff to attend to each Resident’s personal needs and the concerns of their families.
    At Tiffin House, Uncle Bob and other Residents are allowed to wake-up on their own schedule. They get assistance with showers and hygiene and always have fresh clean and ironed clothes to wear. Fresh homemade meals are served 3 times daily in a family style dining room. Snacks and drinks are always available during the day.
    The Activity Director visits daily and engages the Residents in many different activities that are always fun. With the help of the staff, all Residents are encouraged to participate in different activities. These activities include playing ball, bingo with prizes, painting, dancing and karaoke or going for walks (with a staff member) to get them outdoor for fresh air. With a secure back yard, Residents are encouraged to play with Snoot, the dog that lives there and brings much joy to the Residents. The Residents and staff help the Director decorate the home for all holidays. Each Resident is honored on their birthday with cake just so they know it their special day. At Christmas time Santa comes just to spread the cheer and pass out gifts for all of them.
    There are monthly outings that consist of dinner out at local restaurants, going for ice cream, or Starbucks for a cool drink or maybe just a fun ride in the car.
    There are other outings such a gentlemen’s day out or ladies day out. Transportation and supervision are provided to and from doctor appointments. There is also a visiting Physician that comes to the home monthly.
    Family members are encouraged to visit often as the door is always open. On all holidays the families are invited to enjoy lunch or maybe just a snack and to celebrate with their loved one. We always helped Justin cook the turkey and other families brought food to make it a family fest for the residents.
    I want everyone to know this is our family’s experience as our brother was the very first Resident in this home, living there for 2 1/2 years. In that time he did so many things that he would never have gotten to do at other places. All Residents are encouraged to do what they can around the home. Tiffin employees are motivated to keep all the Residents busy, healthy and happy to enjoy life.
    When your loved one decides it’s time to go home to the Lord the Owner and Staff assist you in providing the palliative care your loved one deserves. They also help the family through this difficult time and that support was so helpful and appreciated by our family.
    We as a family were so glad to find a wonderful place for Bob to live out his years where he was safe, happy, healthy, and most importantly loved.

  • From Linda Garon:
    Lori and Justin,
    Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful Christmas celebration you had for all the residents! Presents for everyone was above and beyond.  Thank you to you and all your “Angels” for making mom feel loved and well cared for.  Love, Linda
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