A Letter from April Jones

April sent this letter to the local Newspaper in Georgetown Texas (The Sun).

I recently lost my mom which leaves an ache in my heart, but I am greatly consoled by the care and love that she received the last two years of her life as a resident of Tiffin House. So, I would publicly like to say Thank you to Tiffin House staff and its owner Justin Trodahl.

In June 2013 I became an advocate for my parent’s healthcare. I saw a lot of ugliness in how our elderly are treated especially those who have no one to speak for them. I spent two years searching for a memory care facility for my mom knowing that when we lost my dad, she would not be able to stay at home. During that time my mom was in & out of skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation & assisted living centers. So when I tell you about the exemplary level of care at Tiffin House, I speak from a great deal of experience on this subject.

One of the reasons that I want this thank you made public is so that other families that are trying to find memory care for their loved ones will know about Tiffin. The staff there love the people in their care and it shows. They regularly go above and beyond expectations in taking care of residents while treating them with dignity, respect & warmth. I thank God that we were blessed to have my mom’s last years spent with care takers that loved her, spoiled her and gave her the best care possible. A very special thank you to Uyen, Hortencia, Tasha, Tomasa, Nereida, Sylvia, Nancy, Sarah, Katie & Lori. My mom loved you all and so do I.

April Jones